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Duflot Industrie’s technical nonwoven products help to ensure both safety and comfort of millions of passengers. Our light fire-blocking materials and our acoustic insulation products have been developed according to the most stringent international standards, FAR/CS 25 853c, reconciling performance with minimum added weight.

Light nonwoven products for fire protection

Our range of products enables our customers to outperform the requirements of FAR/CS 25 853c standards. This means that seating fitted with our technical non-woven materials will combine greater fire protection and reduced smoke/ toxicity. We are constantly working to develop lighter products with same level of performance.

Technical nonwoven products for acoustic and thermal insulation

Duflot Industrie offers acoustic and thermal insulation products for cabin insulation.

Compliance with regulatory standards

Our products are certified in line with FAR/CS 25 853c standards. They pass the kerosene burner test and the vertical Bunsen burner test.

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