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Duflot Industrie has more than 30 years of experience and international recognition in manufacturing technical nonwoven materials for thermal protection in protective clothing for firefighters (EN 469, NFPA 1971, etc.). We also offer non-woven fabrics used in ballistic protection.

Technical nonwoven products for thermal protection

Our high performance thermal protection products are manufactured with Dupont (Logo copyright Dupont) fibres and combine all necessary qualities: lightness, flexibility, minimal added weight and breathability.

Our products are designed for standardised clothing, gloves and footwear, providing optimum safety in terms of fire protection and thermal insulation, with added comfort.

Duflot Industrie is the chosen partner of the largest fire fighters suits manufacturers across the globe: Fire Brigades in France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia etc. Many fire fighters experience both the quality and reliability of our thermal barrier range.

Nonwoven products for ballistic and other types of protection

Technical nonwoven fabrics made by Duflot Industrie are currently used in ballistic applications (bullet-proof vests, canine protection, etc.).

Compliance with regulatory standards

Our products for PPE comply with the following thermal protection standards: EN 469; NFPA 1971; UL; ISO 15025; HRO.

We have also developed products that comply with the EN 388 and EN 407 standards for industrial gloves and HRO for industrial footwear.

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