Sound insulation
and noise protection

Our technical nonwovens help achieve remarkable levels of sound insulation performance.

Sound attenuation, resonance, airborne sound insulation (ARW), impact sound insulation (ALW), acoustic comfort, sound correction and damping, durability and aesthetics are just a few of the functionalities and qualities of our high-performance and smart nonwovens.

Key applications:
  • Floor coverings,
  • Wall & ceiling coverings,
  • Components for acoustic panels & partitions,
  • Sound-insulating tile-underlay system (sheets, rolls, formats),
  • Sound insulation and damping components for industrial applications.
Properties and process:
  • Fibres: FR polyester, two-component polyester, meta & para-aramids (mAR & pAR), pre-oxidized polyacrylonitrile (OxPAN), FR acrylic, FR viscose, etc.
  • Multilayer construction: Non-wovens, wovens, scrims (glass, etc.), knitted fabrics, films (PE, PET, FR PU, PFTE, AL or reflective aluminized, etc.), foam (FR PU).
  • Assembly process: needle-punching, lamination, powder-coating, etc.
  • Finishing process: calendering, thermo-bonding, perforation, water-repellent or antibacterial treatment, etc.
  • Formats: rolls, sheets, etc.

Would you like to develop a new application, or a new use thanks to a smart performance nonwoven in order to provide the suitable response to a specific need? 

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