Filter media for the filtration of industrial fluids.

Thanks to their dust-holding capacity (DHC), filter efficiency with optimised permeability and pressure resistance, our high-performance and smart nonwovens are effective filter media with an optimal lifetime.

Key applications:
  • Treatment of process water using filter belts,
  • Fluid dehydration using coalescing or super-absorbent filters,
  • Dust removal from process air using cartridge or bag filters,
  • Capture of contaminant particles in firefighters’ clothing and face masks, etc.
Properties and process:
  • Fibres: aramid (fine, micro-fine and ultra-fine fibres), polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, etc.
  • Multilayer construction: nonwovens, canvas, reinforcement scrims (glass, polyester, etc.), membrane, etc.
  • Assembly process: needle-punching, lamination (thermo-bonding), quilting, etc.
  • Finishing process: calendering, chemical treatment (water-repellent, antibacterial).
  • Formats: rolls or strips, formats.

Would you like to develop a new application, or a new use thanks to a smart performance nonwoven in order to provide the suitable response to a specific need? 

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