Filter media for industrial fluids.

Thanks to their dirt holding capacity (DHC), filtration efficiency with optimized permeability and pressure resistance… our smart performance nonwovens make effective filter media with an optimal lifetime.

Main applications:
  • process water treatment using filter belts,
  • separation of water from fluids using coalescing or super-absorbent filters…
Characteristics and process:
  • fibres: Meta & Para-aramids, OxPAN, PET FR, PES, viscose, polyamide, polypropylene...
  • multilayer construction: nonwovens, fabrics (Aramid, Viscose FR...), scrims (Aramid, stainless steel, glass...), knitted fabrics (Aramid, stainless steel, Elastane...), film (PE, PET, PU FR, PFTE, AL or aluminised reflective...), foam (...)
  • assembly process: co-stitching, gluing
  • finishing process: calendering, thermo-lamination, perforation, treatment (hydorphic, anti-bacterial...)
  • formats: rolls, sheets...
Filtration_ Duflot Industrie

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