We develop dedicated solutions for medical applications. In addition to hygiene, our customers’ requirements and specifications are the key priorities that drive development.

Our nonwovens’ stretch, compression and absorption capacities, as well as their comfort and softness, are appreciated by healthcare professionals and patients alike.
Key applications:
Compression bandages, etc.
Properties and process:
  • Fibres: viscose, polyester, polypropylene, etc. (medical grade).
  • Multilayer construction: nonwovens, wovens, knitted fabrics (viscose, elastane).
  • Assembly process: needle-punching, lamination, stitching.
  • Finishing process: calendering, thermo-bonding, perforation, treatment (water-repellent, antibacterial).
  • Formats: rolls, sheets.
Santé by Duflot

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