Thermal protection

Our technical nonwovens help you pro-tect and preserve people and equip-ment from extreme temperatures.

Resistance to flash over, radiant heat transfer (Radiant Heat Transfer In-dex – RHTI), convective heat transfer (Heat Transfer Index – HTI), contact heat… dimensional stability, breathability (Resistive Thermal Evaporation – RTE), light weight, and comfort characterize our smart performance nonwovens.
Main applications:
  • protective clothing and gloves for firefighters,
  • industry,
  • aeronautics,
  • thermal insulation of engines...
Characteristics and process:
  • fibres: Meta & Para-aramids, OxPAN, PET FR, PES, viscose, polyamide, polypropylene...
  • multilayer construction: nonwovens, fabrics (Aramid, Viscose FR...), scrims (Aramid, stainless steel, glass...), knitted fabrics (Aramid, stainless steel, Elastane...), film (PE, PET, PU FR, PFTE, AL or aluminised reflective...), foam (...)
  • assembly process: co-stitching, gluing
  • finishing process: calendering, thermo-lamination, perforation, treatment (hydorphic, anti-bacterial...)
  • formats: rolls, sheets...
Protection thermique by Duflot

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