Business Sectors

The link betweenknowledge and production know-how

Personal protection and safety, building and construction, transport and mobility, healthcare, aerospace, specific solutions and industrial innovation… Duflot® staff provide their vision, expertise and production know-how for those who deal with new challenges daily.

Our products respond and adapt without limits to needs in terms of fire protection, thermal protection, mechanical reinforcement and protection against vandalism, acoustic insulation and protection, medical protection, filtration…

Our objective is to be at your service: to identify, design and produce accessible, smart performance solutions to deal with complex problems.

Propose and guarantee a solutionthat is accessible, smart & high performance.

Accessible, because we guarantee its ongoing production. And if it’s not found in our catalog, we can come up with a reasonable design together.

Smart & high-performance, because we don’t just strive to design and produce the highest-performance nonwovens at any cost. What really motivates us is finding the ideal response to the use you are envisaging.

At all times, our nonwovens astutely integrate the slightest constraints and responses to standards and regulations in your field of activity.