Innovate. Experiment
for and with you…

Identify. Characterize.Test.

We pay special attention to what is left unsaid. When characterizing your needs: by anticipation or by uncovering possible uses or operating conditions for our nonwovens, adapting their packaging with a view to their storage conditions on our customers’ premises… we examine your project in its smallest details and propose the most suitable solution.

Optimal knowledge of the potential of Duflot® products, which we have designed and manufactured for more than 40 years, but also and above all our knowledge of regulations: these are at the heart of our collective approach, both as support and as amazing levers for each collaboration.

Our lab, the ongoing investments we make in it, and the knowledge and know-how of our Research and Development team mean that we can assess our developments at each design stage. This well-managed approach leads to precious time savings as well as greater reliability in your certification processes.