Specific solutions

Industrial applications and innovation are the reasons why we continue to experiment at all times. To serve and support industry and those who keep it running, we mobilize and engage our knowledge to meet the challenge of protecting both people and assets.

Our nearly 40 years of experience, our expertise and our production know-how are put to the test and used every day by modern industrial companies who want to get off the beaten path, challenge long-held certainties, discover and push the envelope on the potential of our smart performance nonwovens.

Duflot® designs, manufactures and distributes nonwovens worldwide for use as:

  • Acoustic insulation and absorption components for mechanisms.
  • Heat and fire blockers for electronic and mechanical components.
  • Components and consumables for composite materials.
  • Industrial support for surface treatment, lamination and spray coating.
  • Electrical insulation.
  • Medical solution components.
  • Component for rigid shaping by thermocompression.
  • Digital printing support.

Expertise, standards and reference products:

Directive 95/28/EC, MVSS 302, ISO 3795, D 45 1333…

Would you like to develop a new application, or a new use thanks to a smart performance nonwoven in order to provide the suitable response to a specific need? 

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