Transport and mobility

Duflot® is the European leader in the design, manufacture and supply of fire- and vandal-resistant protection for railways and urban mass transit.

Protecting and ensuring long life for investments (seats and fabric covers, etc.): this major issue for manufacturers and operators is a proven subject of expertise for Duflot®. Our Research & Development and Production teams are well aware of the extent of this issue and are always seeking to guide and support transport companies and to transform our ways of living and traveling together.

Our nonwovens retard the combustion of materials and mitigate the emission of smoke and fumes. In addition to their fire resistance, the mechanical properties of our products help to extend the lifetime of your equipment and ensure a high level of slash resistance.

Our multi-layer, vandal-proof complexes meet extreme requirements in terms of resistance to attacks.

Passenger safety and comfort is always our priority. We adapt our technical solutions by paying special attention to equipment design and ergonomics.

The lightness and eco-design of our solutions also provide real added value in concretely reducing the impact of travel.

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Expertise, standards and reference products:

EN45 545-2 :2015, EN45 545-2:2020, EN16 989, NF F 31 118, NF F 16 101, NFPA 130.

Would you like to develop a new application, or a new use thanks to a smart performance nonwoven in order to provide the suitable response to a specific need? 

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