Designer . Manufacturer of technical nonwovens

Timeless production know-how

Our production system and the know-how of our teams in the techniques of carding, needlepunching, thermobonding and calendering help us combine all types of fibers: natural or synthetic, standard or high performance in order to respond with rigor to all your uses.


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At the serviceof industrial companies

We make our know-how and experience available to you in order to provide fit-for-purpose responses to the legitimate, ever-changing requirements of our customers as well as to evolving standards and regulations. Industrial innovation is the field where we are most comfortable. Personal protection and safety, Building and construction, Transport and mobility, Healthcare, Aerospace, Specific solutions… European leader in smart performance technical nonwovens. We respond to all challenges in order to serve the industrial companies who place their confidence in us.

Ideal teammate

Team spirit, performance, the desire and ability to give the best of ourselves: all of this resonates every day, in each of us.

We are well aware of the important role that our technical fabrics play, thanks to their personal protection and comfort properties. This responsibility is an obligation and a guide for us.

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Experts incomplexity

The fitness-for-purpose of our technical nonwovens in meeting your needs is one of the priorities in our design approach. We believe in the ability of a community of individuals to collaborate in completing a complex task and reaching a shared objective together. When it comes to continually perfecting our products and solutions to meet the needs of our customers, we are experts in the complexity you require. With the same desire to be of real use to you, we strive to develop and maintain a relationship free from any complications. CoLabs are the best demonstration of this.

”Duflot provides 
to the constraints
and obligations
that you face.”


An implacablemethodology

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in sharing and in collective successes, combined with our shared passion for industrial innovation, our methodology helps us find the most suitable response in the shortest time. Our smart performance nonwovens integrate all responses to the constraints that you face. They have multiple applications: fire protection, acoustic insulation, thermal protection, filtration, mechanical reinforcement, medical protection…
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Pushingthe limits

Representative of a new generation of innovators, we like to re-examine everything that seems to be given and to push the limits, as long as it helps protect and preserve people and assets. If you need a specific solution, we mobilize our Research & Development team to help you meet this new challenge. In all cases, we become stakeholders in resolving your issue. Commitment, advice, reliability, safety, durability, rapidity and agility characterize our way of working and our contribution to your success.