Building and construction

All the functionalities of our nonwovens are of use in building and construction.

Though rarely visible, they are omnipresent thanks to their acoustic performance in flexible floor coverings, wall or ceiling coverings, and in noise or heat insulation supports. In addition to their primary acoustic function, our solutions respond to fire standards in force in the building industry.

Because we are recognized for our know-how in undertile and underlay insulation systems and in fire blockers for furniture, designers and suppliers of construction materials, office furnishings or the creation of public-access spaces (concert halls, movie theaters) regularly use our high-performance, reliable products.

Our solutions with under-roof support and screens or waterproof membranes combine multiple functionalities, such as permeability, impermeability to air and water, thermal insulation, radiant heat blockers, UV reflections, dimensional stability, puncture resistance…

The reduction of noise transmission in flooring, the correction of sound wave reverberation times, and noise insulation are at the center of our teams’ concerns and research efforts.

Thanks to their fire protection and acoustic correction performance, our technical flannels and felts can be used in all types of public-access spaces and contribute to the well-being and safety of users.

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Expertise, standards and reference products:

Technical notice from CSTB for undertile noise insulation systems: Classification P2 / P3.
Qualitel / Qualibat, EN ISO 140-6 / EN ISO 711-2, NF EN ISO 10534 / EN ISO 354, indoor air emission class according to the order of April 19, 2011: A+, France – AM18 / Decree D2000/164 as per 12952-1, M1 – BS Crib5, ÖNORM A 3800-1 – B1 TR1 Q1 Duflot – Thermal protection/0921, Duflot – Fire protection/98/12, Duflot – Acoustic insulation/1906…

Would you like to develop a new application, or a new use thanks to a smart performance nonwoven in order to provide the suitable response to a specific need? 

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