Impacts positifs

We constantly mobilize all of our knowledge to make Duflot® a company that has positive impacts, a virtuous company. We regularly examine our entire supply chain and act together to reduce the carbon footprint of our business.

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Ecofelt arose from this concern. The Ecofelt label is given to our nonwovens that are the fruit of eco-circularity and which are biosourced, recyclable or compostable.

They are composed of at least 50% regenerated fibers (PET, BICO, VIS), post-consumer fibers (aramid, polyester), production scraps (color transitions, second choice, grade B), or bio- or agro-sourced fibers (natural: cotton, linen, hemp, or artificial: viscose)

Currently, 50% of our production meets this requirement. Under all circumstances, our Research & Development and Production teams are committed to combining performance with environmental considerations.