Standards ressources

Protection against heat and flames

EN ISO 14116

This standard specifies requirements relating to protective apparel and materials used to protect the wearer against occasional and short-term contact with small flames in conditions without thermal risk.

Product performance is determined in accordance with its behaviour when exposed to a small flame for 10 seconds.

The material’s performance level is defined using the following requirements (index 3 being the highest level):

Flame spreadFlaming debrisHole formationAfter-glowAfter-flame
Index 1No flame spreadNo spread of flaming debrisHole formation permitted≤ 2sAfter-flame permitted
Index 2No holes > 5mm
Index 3No holes > 5mm≤ 2s

Test performed in our laboratory.

Limited flame spread (EN ISO 15025):

This involves measuring the limited flame spread properties of vertically oriented nonwovens when exposed to a small flame. This test method is used to classify materials into three performance levels using the following criteria:

  • whether the flame reaches the upper edge or vertical edges of the specimen after-flame time
  • whether after-glow develops beyond the flame spread zone production of flaming debris
  • after-glow time
  • whether a hole forms