Standards ressources

Protection against heat and flames

FAR 25.853 (a) & App F Part I + FAR 25.853 (c) & App F Part II

Duflot® continually evolves to satisfy the latest international regulations and standards adopted by Boeing, Airbus, etc. by rigorously testing flammability, smoke density and toxicity, ignitability and vertical burning, etc.

Vertical burning test (12s) - VBT:

This involves exposing a test specimen installed vertically to a flame for 12 seconds, to evaluate the material’s fire behaviour. The following criteria are evaluated:

  • After-flame time (duration of flame after removal of burner)
  • After-glow time (duration of glow after extinction of flame)
  • Burn length

Test performed in our laboratory.

Seat flammability test (FAR 25.853(c) & App F Part II):

This test is carried out on a complete seat.

The seat is exposed to a (kerosene) burner with a flame temperature of over 982°C for 2 minutes.

The aim is to evaluate the weight lost, which must be lower than 10%, and the burn length, which must be less than 432mm.